Amazon is selling Bracelets that give shocks for over eating & everyone is crazy about it!

Let’s accept it we can’t resist ourselves for having that slice of pizza, or eating a big cheese burger or having our all time’favorite ‘Briyani’. Our lust for food is way to high. But the result of such food items is high choerstol, increase weight and belly fat which no doubt making us look ugly. So what’s the solution to this severe problem. Gym? Nope. If we consuming that amount of calories which we are burning everyday in Gym. It’s useless.

Result is less calories you burn and the more calories you add. This is exactly why a company decided to make an bracelet that delivers a 350-volt shock every time you decided to fling on junk food which is deleterious for your health.

This awesome bracelet is called Pavlok Shocker, this bracelet is based on Aversive conditioning, in case you are no aware of this term. Averive conditioning is the use of something unpleasant, or a punishment, to stop an unwanted behavior. This is also know as aversion therapy as well. So yea, this pavlok bracelet will give you a shock. Indeed, interesting idea.

That being said, this bracelet can be used to keep you away from not just junk food but also from the bad habits you want to get rid off. It’s a super cool. Are you a chain smoker? Or an alcoholic ? Due to all this you left with no penny at the end of the month. You just name it and they know. It’s really popular nowadays. Pavok bracelet or a shocker is capable of giving 150 shocks on a one charge, which is not bad at all. It main aims is to refrain you from doing something which is injurious to you health. It’s get connected via App,

This pavlok shocker is available online on Amazon and the price is around Rs. 20,057 and in the US for $199. It may sound heavy in pocket but considering the fact that it’s designed to help you to curb you bad habits, in short adding some more years to your life, it’s worth buying. It’s a beautiful watch. Bad habits are not good for anyone. It promotes unhealthy living and leads to early dead.

So basically Pavlok is a behavioral Technology Group Product that helps you destroy any sort of bad habits. Pavlok combines proven behavioral training techniques, innovative zaptic hardware and a cool tracking software that helps you to kick off any bad habits like nail biting, eating sugar, smoking, drinking or anything. You may return Pavlok for any reason within 6 months of purchase date for a full refund.

How to use the product?

  • Download the app, and choose the habit you want to get rid of.
  • Pavlok integrates with sensors, and GPS to keep you on track with your aims.
  • Use the ‘manual’ mode for habits that aren’t yet traceable.
  • Breaks shoddy habits via zaptic feedback,Other wearables track what you’ve already done, Pavlok changes your behavior completely.
  • Use the Pavlok iPhone app to adjust device setting & engage with full habit breaking courses.

Product Information

Item weight68 g
Product Dimensions3.6 x 3.6 x 1.7 cm
BatteriesLithium Metal Batteries required
Item Model Number1
Web Browser includedNO
Color ScreenNO
Batteries IncludedNO
Batteries RequiredNO
Contains Liquid ContentsNO
Includes Rechargable NO
Includes RemoteNO
PriceRs. 20057

Final Verdict

Overall the product is wonderful. It’s life changing product which truly good to eradicate any bad habit. In summary, Pavlok is so worth the money and can literally change your life if you’re dedicated to doing so. Even if you’re not struggling with addiction and you just want to get yourself to do more homework or something, this is the device for you. Everyone should have one.

Indeed the idea is praiseworthy and one must can think of buying it and used it themselves to find out. You will not regret it for sure. Pavlok shocker’s main aim is to help you to overcome any bad habits.

Some handpicked Stories of Pavlok Shocker’s buyers :-

Top Positive Review

  • The Pavlok has been great in helping me manage my stress and triggers for my bad habit. The short course on the app did well to help me focus in on what sources my stress was coming and how to recognize them. Thus, I could relax and better manage my bad habit. I haven’t broken my first habit yet, but I’ve been doing this habit for years so I don’t expect it to be a 2-day miracle. As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”. There is also a secondary app– Pavlok Unlocked (or something of that nature)–where your friends/family can connect to your bracelet and zap you any time you do your bad habit. This I’ve yet to try, but I think it’d be very beneficial since my habit is mostly done subconsciously. I can easily see how this great little bracelet can be used as an alarm or to lay off of the snacks.I plan to use it for managing my stress eating next, but I think it’d be best to do one habit at a time. Otherwise, I’d be zapping myself all the time haha! The charge lasts about 3-4 days and it recharges very fast–about 20 minutes or so. I would definitely keep an open mind, have a look, and give this a try.

Top Critical Review

  • I like the idea of this product. But it needs work. I am tall and big and the band just barely fits on the first hole. The shock device itself works fine. The software looks great. But the software is pretty buggy and not very dependable. I use this tool to remind myself that the time is 5 minutes before the hour during the business day. I have a habit of getting hypnotized by what I’m working on or thinking about, and go to meetings late. It’s clearly my biggest career road block. Enter Pavlok, it is very helpful. But, it just seems like the blue tooth connection is weak? And/or, the software really needs more work under the surface. Sometimes the shock at prescribed time, continues and the software wont’ let me turn it off. Which is sort of distracting when trying to get to the next meeting that I forgot about.Keep going. This could turn out to be a very useful product if they can spend more money on getting the software solid

Pavlok Bracelet

RS. 20,057



Battery LIfe


Value Of Money



  • Easy to use
  • Durable


  • Bit Bulky

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